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Our vision is to be the only company that anyone would ever want to buy boating products and services from.


Our mission is to create the ultimate boating experience by consistently providing products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations



Doing the right thing to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, crewmembers, owners and others.

.....Be honest

.....Be fair and objective in all our relationships

.....Show a high level of business integrity and ethics

.....Conform to all legal and moral obligations

.....Individuals to be responsible and accountable for their own actions


Exceeding expectations of customers, crewmembers, owners and others.

.....Deliver what we promise in a timely manner

.....Continually improve performance and productivity

.....Anticipate and identify needs and provide solutions to meet those needs


Sustaining productive, satisfying and rewarding relationships with our customers, crewmembers, owners and others.

.....Work collectively toward clearly understood and accepted common goals

.....Be positive, respectful, accountable and productive with others

.....Leverage and strengthen our talents and develop added skills to maximize our collective success

.....Provide recognition and reward for efforts and contribution

.....Ensure effective communications processes and practices with each other and all our stakeholder groups


Contributing significantly to the financial success of our customers, crewmembers, owners and others.

.....Successfully sell and deliver superior value

.....Be profitable and cost-effective

.....Generate cash to meet obligations

.....Continue to invest in people and financial assets

.....Recognize crewmembers for their contribution to our success

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